The Openwoodgate Map

Normally with an orienteering map you start with the buildings – they are easy to draw as the tool in the OCAD software enables the sides to be nice and parallel. Granted, there are probably hundreds of them as each house, and even garden sheds, are mapped. But it’s quite therapeutic, and can be done while watching TV!

This time round, I started with the street outlines, with the idea that local school children would enjoy drawing their own house on the map. You trace the outlines from a very detailed Derbyshire County Council base map. Even the speed bumps on Naseby Road are shown!


With the streets traced on, it looks like this. The speed bumps are shown as parallel lines, and you can see the impassable fences I’ve traced for the High School tennis courts. The curves will need some smoothing out, but that can be done a bit later.



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