Welcome to my orienteering mapping blog! Over the next 3 or 4 months, I’m going to be extending the Belper O map I made with a club mate in 2016 to cover Openwoodgate.

The date pencilled in for the first event is Sunday 10th September, once I have the appropriate permissions. It will be quite a small event, but followed up by a larger one in Chesterfield on October 29th.

With the blog, I wanted to open up the process of mapping as I’d like as many locals as possible to know about the project and the event.

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The Openwoodgate Map

Normally with an orienteering map you start with the buildings – they are easy to draw as the tool in the OCAD software enables the sides to be nice and parallel. Granted, there are probably hundreds of them as each house, and even garden sheds, are mapped. But it’s quite therapeutic, and can be done while watching TV!

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